Our collections – bag design

The inspiration for this design has been in our studio for some time. When I was writing an eBook for my business Portfolio Oomph titled ‘Creating a sensational portfolio‘ I was discussing the idea that it’s a good idea to go out and about with an imaginary magnifying glass. With this notion in mind, noticing things that normally would go unnoticed – for various reasons.

We’d had a particularly windy winter and on this particular day, leaves missing from trees, all I could focus on was the bags caught up in trees. At first I was shocked at how much rubbish we allow to escape from our rubbish bins and I started identifying the different shops that these bags were from. And for some weeks after, all I noticed anywhere I went was the bags in trees and I became a little fixated! The shapes, negative space, colours, the lovely torn edges all became very influential to me.

Tracings began directly on digital print outs on paper as below. But as I did these tracings I realised I wanted to be able to use the shapes further.


I then began tracing in a vector based digital programme so that once I had traced the shape I could then resize without any loss of quality.






Once I had the shapes traced in vector graphics I began resizing, colouring and arranging them as below.


Final designs are then digitally printed onto velvet for cushions, chiffon for scarves and card stock for stationery.