Inspired by a move out of Edinburgh to Midlothian, artist Julie Read aims to bring a little of that experience to you in the form of our luxury designed products.

What makes us different from other designed products is that we show you whole story of how a design has been created. From initial idea / thought through development stages and into final design. Why? Because we believe it gives the buying of such designs a more personal experience and shares our passions in the world around us that informs our creative process.


“It’s the small, insignificant details around us that might well go unnoticed that interest and inspire me. I’m predominately interested in lines, outlines, silhouettes and all kinds of drawn line in the widest sense. Colour is also important to me and as my background is in Fine Art Printmaking I work very much with layering combined with digital manipulation”.

Julie has exhibited her work in galleries nationally and internationally; she has also received awards from the Scottish Arts Council, British Council, Hope Scott Trust, Friends of the RSA and City of Edinburgh Council.

Julie is also founder of Portfolio Oomph, an online hub covering all aspects of applying to art college.